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TRACK Technologies has been a well-known player for passionate motorists for years when it comes to the development and sale of electronic accessories. We became famous in 1999 when we started selling LaserEcho garage door openers and Beltronics radar detectors under the name Target Automotive. In 2009, our engineers discovered a way to convert the extremely short signals emitted by the government's Airwave communications system into a usable in-car warning. This discovery resulted in Target Blu Eye which allows you to track all (unmarked) police vehicles, ambulances and fire engines that are in the vicinity of your car. As a driver you can quickly anticipate this; Blu Eye sees marked and unmarked emergency services before they have seen you and warns you in time.

We dare to put it bluntly: anyone who says he or she has never driven too fast is probably joking a bit. Often this happens by accident, but if the traffic situation allows, sometimes also deliberately. In all cases, it is useful to know which emergency services are driving in your area. Behold: the raison d'être of Blu Eye was born!

Until then, there was no system in existence that would perfectly legally alert you if (unmarked ) vehicles of the emergency services such as the police are driving in front of or behind you. That is until about a decade ago when TRACK Technologies launched the first generation of its road safety system Blu Eye, triggered by our own experiences on the road. Our motto at the time (said with a wink and a nudge) was: 'Help! They're coming for me'. 

The Dutch invention not only ensures that you are warned in time for all (unmarked) police vehicles, ambulances and fire engines that are on their way to an emergency urgently and sometimes anonymously without flashing lights and sirens, many users also see it as an ultimate bonus that Blu Eye also warns you if you are driving too fast, whether consciously or not.

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