The new Blu Eye 2 

Next generation safety system detects ( unmarked ) emergency services even better

TRACK Technologies introduces the new Blu Eye 2, the next generation safety system for motorists. As with the first version of the unique Blu Eye, the new Blu Eye 2 warns you of approaching emergency services, regardless of whether or not they are displaying flashing lights and sirens. But now even better.

Using the very signals transmitted by the government's Airwave communication system, Blu Eye tracks all (unmarked ) police vehicles, ambulances and fire engines in the vicinity of your car. As a driver, you can quickly anticipate this; Blu Eye sees marked and unmarked emergency services even before they see you and then warns you with acoustic and visual signals. The Dutch invention not only increases the road safety of all road users - a spearhead of the European authorities - but also allows you to react extra alertly if, for example, you are speeding. By warning you in time, Blu Eye offers you an extra set of eyes and ears, so to speak. And does so completely legally.

What's new with Blu Eye 2?

Almost a decade after its introduction, the first generation of Blu Eye has convincingly proven itself to many thousands of users at home and abroad as the ultimate road safety system that warns road users of approaching emergency services. But it is in TRACK Technologies' DNA to make something that is good even better. With all the knowledge and experience we have accumulated in recent years, this has resulted in the new Blu Eye 2, which is now available. 

More radio channels

Blu Eye 2 has a much more powerful platform than its predecessor. The system not only picks up the 200 low TETRA/Airwave channels like the first generation of Blu Eye, but can now also receive 600 high TETRA/Airwave channels that have recently come into use in the EU.

Two different displays

With Blu Eye 2, it is now possible to choose from two different displays. TRACK Technologies has developed an LED display especially for installation in the rear view mirror. In addition, a 2.4-inch LCD display is available that can be mounted in or on the dashboard.

Simultaneous display of up to three emergency services

Both displays now display up to three emergency services at the same time. Handy if you think that the merging ambulance on the motorway is the cause of your alarm, but a look at your display shows that there is another emergency service in your area. Because, after all, forewarned is forearmed.


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