About Target Blu Eye

In 2009, our engineers discovered a way to convert the extremely short signals emitted by the government's Airwave communications system into a usable in-car warning. This discovery resulted in Target Blu Eye which allows you to track all (unmarked) police vehicles, ambulances and fire engines that are in the vicinity of your car. As a driver you can quickly anticipate this; Blu Eye sees marked and unmarked emergency services before they have seen you and warns you in time.

Almost a decade after its introduction, the first generation of Blu Eye has convincingly proven itself to many thousands of users at home and abroad as the ultimate road safety system that warns road users of approaching emergency services. But it is in TRACK Technologies' DNA to make something that is good even better. With all the knowledge and experience we have accumulated in recent years, this has resulted in the new Blu Eye 2, which is now available. 

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